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Coordination Councils

What is a transportation coordinating council? A local coordinating council implements and/or oversees the provision of coordinated transportation in their community or region. The local council also provides feedback to the state-level council as to what is working and where state level assistance may be needed.

 What are the benefits to coordination?

  • Increased efficiency that may be achieved through more grouping of individuals traveling to the same location or reduced duplication of services or equipment.
  • Enhanced access to social and health services, education, and jobs.
  • Improved use of community resources (e.g., if the same services can be provided with fewer vehicles, then the cash spent on insurance and capital is reduced. Other resources might be shared as well: staff training, computer software, call center staff).
  • The efficiencies may result in serving more people within available funds or might enable the community to use scare resources for other services.
  • Collaboration can result in providing transportation in ways that contribute to liable communities and a vital economy.

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